The services MCLD offer are unique and diverse.  We are lighting designers and theatre design consultants. We are proud to provide these services to architects, engineers, interior designers, contractors, building owners,and Design-Build teams across Canada and overseas. 

Lighting Design

MCLD offers a full range of lighting design which encompasses exterior, interior, landscape, roadway and special events.  We encourage the design process to be iterative between ourselves and our clients.  We offer full services from concept to design development and on into fixture specification. We are fully versed in presenting our ideas in sketch format and on into high quality renderings, and are excellent at working in large teams of specialists including architects and engineers.  

Needs Assessment

A needs assessment is a study most commonly associated with retrofit projects. Before we undertake lighting retrofits, our essential first step is to determine the lighting needs for the area or facility in question. A needs assessment provides in depth answers questions about existing lighting levels, glare, dimming control, energy use, maintenance, and aesthetic concerns.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies aim to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and weaknesses of an existing or proposed lighting project, Feasibility studies are used to determine what opportunities and challenges are present in the project, and ascertain what resources the project will require to carry it through to a successful conclusion. In its simplest terms, the two criteria to judge feasibility are cost required and value to be attained. Feasibility studies are a very useful tool for clients to test theirs assumptions and perceived need.

Fixture Design

The question of using a custom designed fixture or specifying a fixture from a catalogue should be determined by the needs of the project from both a performance and aesthetic point of view.  MCLD has extensive experience designing new fixtures and are comfortable working with clients and other designers to achieve a unique design.

Mock-ups of Potential Design Solutions

Mock-ups are a very useful tool to show clients what their project will look like on completion.  They are also an essential tool in helping a client to commit the resources necessary for a successful project. 


As part of all its projects MCLD provides as-built drawings and fixture and control specifications and trains client staff in the proper use and maintenance of the installed lighting systems.

Theatre Consulting

MCLD has designed many theatres, auditoria and event oriented spaces over the past 30 years. The principals in charge of this work are Martin Conboy and Scott Windsor. Both have years of experience as designers and production managers in theatres across Canada and overseas.  MCLD works from the stage outward, and we design spaces which are practical and allow artists, directors, designers and technicians the greatest latitude to achieve their vision. We work closely with professional theatre practitioners, teachers and community clients, architects, and engineers to design and build vibrant performing arts, educational, and cultural centres.

The services provided by MCLD, Theatre Design Consulting include the following: define and articulate client / end user programme requirements; provide workable layouts for stages, seating, backstage, storage, workshops and other ancillary spaces; detailed and comprehensive production systems schematics (lighting, sound, rigging and AV) and specifications for base building infrastructure requirements; provide complete production system designs, specifications and specialty fit-up tender documents and; provide over-site and co-ordination of specialty fit-up (lighting, sound, rigging and AV) contractors through to commissioning, sign-off and client / end user training.


  • Consultations with clients / end user to define and articulate functional requirements;
  • Liaise with architects, engineers, general contractors and construction trades;
  • Design development of seating, staging, lighting, sound, film, AV, rigging and catwalk systems;
  • Fit-up cost estimates;
  • Production system specification;
  • Production system schematic layout drawings;
  • Mandated equipment specifications;
  • Room data sheets;
  • Assistance with preparation of Base-building RFP and Specialty Fit-up tender documents;
  • Assistance with production equipment and systems procurement;
  • Oversight of relevant elements of the base-building construction;
  • Oversight of specialty fit-up (production systems installation);
  • System commissioning; and
  • Client training.